Welcome to the curious colorful world of
Suzanne M. Chaffee

Some of the happiest times in my childhood were spent with crayons, clay or paint. I never imagined it would become a lifelong interest. When asked what my favorite color was I would sometimes answer "Plaid" as I could never settle on just one. Through the years of raising our two sons I sometimes took classes with different people. I read a lot of art books and did my best to "figure it out" on my own.

I love all the mediums for different reasons. Pastels for Pet Portraits, Watercolor for Landscapes, and Oils and Acrylics for others. It all depends on the subject matter. I am member of the Hitchcock Academy Art Guild and the Wilbraham Art League. I share my life with Nelson, My Hero and Husband of 46 years and our delightful Airedale, Jax.